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Gentle reminder to all clubs and managers

Is it win at all costs or do we need to show a little more RESPECT to the 'person in the middle' and the opposition?

Here is a heartfelt plea from a coach of a U9 team which I think everyone in the YEL, who wants the best for the players at whatever age group, can relate to – good coaches, good parents, good players and good administrators

”At the U9 level, we’re seeing a lot of opposing coaches constantly barracking young referees. Coaches need to be reminded that this is a development stage for young referees as much as players.At xxxxxxxx FC, we believe it is the responsibility of the coaches to create a positive environment in which referees can be free to make mistakes. Constantly appealing for fouls, throw ins, free kicks, handballs and every other infringement puts pressure on referees they shouldn’t have, and teaches the next generation of players that that’s correct behaviour.If we’re going to try and create the next generation of expressive footballers and decent young men, they need to be taught to respect the decision of the referee and get on with their own performance, not think that attempting to manipulate the referee’s decision is an important part of a footballer’s arsenal.Is there anyway an email can be sent to opposing coaches reminding them that young referees are in a development stage and must be free to get things wrong in an environment that’s supportive?”

I’m sure we all echo the sentiments 100%. Let's keep things in perspective. We all like to win but do it in the right way. Provide the environment where players and spectators learn to respect the decisions that referees make whether you agree with them or not.

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