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My Dad is a coach, not just a coach but MY coach

My Dad is a coach, not just a coach but MY coach, People say "bet it's great having your dad as the coach?" In some ways yes .. but most of the time no. So Let me explain.....

When you have your family on the sidelines cheering you on, supporting you.. I have too share the support I have from my Dad with all of you. .. infact sometimes what I do is missed. When I hear comments from People on the sidelines criticising the coach or complaining about his decisions .. well that's my Dad .. he may be a coach but that's my Dad you're pulling a part and that takes the enjoyment out of my own game.

I see how those comments affect him at home away from the pitch, how he takes things to heart, how it can change a full days mood ( that's my time with my family your affecting .. your game has finished )

When you're all rolling out of bed and relaxing before a game.. I am up and out putting goals up or getting kit ready. When you rush off after the game I'm still there, Tired, Hungry and sometimes cold .. but things need putting away and clearing before I can get home.

Depending on the match is dependent on the mood of my Dad for the rest of the day .. You don't hear or see how much time he puts in at home, you don't hear or see how self critical he can be of his own skills, you don't see the worry he carries on his shoulders .. just by trying to do the right thing ( which will always be wrong to someone).

You don't see how tired he is from work but masks it just to make sure that your training session is fun. Sometimes being the coaches son / daughter you feel under pressure to make sure you perform right ( after all you're the coaches son / daughter so it's expected from others that you do everything right). ( well that's how it feels to me)

My grassroots journey is one that I share with many others .. when sometimes I wonder what it must feel like to have someone there supporting you and only you.. watching you and only you... praising you and only you.. no stress, no worry just pure enjoyment of the game then go home. I am proud of my Dad and wouldn't change what he does.

He is a role model to me and he gives it his everything and all. I Just want others to stop a moment and think, it's not all that it's cut out to be.. being the coaches Son / Daughter .. you only see the training and the game .. I see it and live it every single day.

My Dad is a volunteer ( a very good one )and so much is sacrificed for him to be able to do this.

Please don't judge the coaches Son/Daughter .

We don't "Get Everything" we "Give Everything"

You really need to understand that.

Anon, 14 year old about his journey and more importantly his DAD.

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